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Cable Modem

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Jun. 8th, 2004 | 09:22 pm

I managed to get one of my coworkers to test my cable modem at his place, and it failed miserably there.

Hopefully tomorrow I can go into charter and demand a replacement modem, like all organizations each time I talk to them I get a different answer. One person said to ask as he didn't think they were still doing lobby exchanges. Another guy said that they couldn't do it and they needed to look at the wiring at my apartment anyway. The last guy said sure, bring it on in, and he even helpfully gave me their hours and address.

And I'm posting this through my cell phone, which is also slow and possibly a bit flaky.... but at least it works better than that modem did. Of course I couldn't actually go an evening without net access, that'd be like going without food.

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