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May. 29th, 2004 | 11:02 am

Recently I've managed to break through one of my limitations and have become much better about actually focusing on projects long enough to finish them. (Assuming that I'm not being interrupted by someone, I'm still really bad at setting limits with someone else).

I've managed to dramatically reduce the angst that I'm feeling. Unfortunately since I haven't gotten to the point where I think that blogging about setting up a web based interface to my jabber server is likely to be interesting to others, I haven't had much to write about.

A long time ago I learned that stories about people and their emotions tended to be more interesting to others than details of obscure technology.

As for jwchat, I set it up so on the off chance that my non-geek girlfriend wants to chat with me from London she can.

I also want to install a jabber client on my phone.

And one amusing idea I had for a jabber bot was something that connected jabber to a z-code interpreter. Translation: interactive fiction/text adventures for IM.

Oh yeah, and one other thing, I have occasionally wondered why I have this compulsion to obsessively connect myself to a communication web, with I then feel overwhelmed by all the messages and only end up responding to a tiny fraction of them.

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