Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


I'm feeling fiscally poor though now sporting a rich set of experiences.

I went to musicwomyn's graduation party in San Fransisco this weekend and had a great time.

I was a bit stressed about going to start with and was feeling somewhat uncertain about going because of my tendency to procrastinate about important things--like planning ahead. One thing that I wanted was music for the trip up. Sitting in a car alone for 6 to 8 hours is pretty dull.

In the last few moments I'd managed to get in touch with some other friends who were going and they suggested that sapience come with me.

Unfortunately my cheap solution for music of leaving a laptop on my chair with a set of computer speakers wouldn't work as my passenger seat was now occupied with a person, so I then decided to go get a new car stereo.

Further more it took me longer than expected to pick my car up from the mechanic where I had just had the clutch replaced. So I only had a few hours left to pack and get a stereo. I went to best buy and tried to see about having them installing one but all of their installation slots were taken for the day.

I was not dissuaded, and bought the stereo, hoping that I'd have enough time to install it before we left. Alas, they called me to tell me to go meet at the rendezvous just as I'd finished packing, and the poor stereo remained unopened in my trunk.

When I arrived at the rendezvous I told sapience that I was driving the linux car and that if she wanted music we could either play off of my laptop while she held it, or she could help install the car stereo.

She chose the latter, and so lit by a 5 LED bike head light she managed to crimp all wiring for the stereo while on the drive up to san fransisco.

While there I had a great time with musicwomyn and her friends, though on saturday instead of joining everyone else sleeping I went to dark garden to buy a corset. I, not being known for my decisiveness, couldn't choose between the under and over bust models and instead embraced the power of and and got two.

Sometime in 5 weeks I need to go back and try the mock ups, ideally this could be combined with a trip to san fransisco pride

On sunday as a couple of us were off getting breakfast I met some of musicwomyn's S&M friends, and once again I noticed myself feeling a bit more comfortable with them than the typical los angeles lesbian. Not sure why, but I've noticed this before. If I actually liked S&M I'd probably really like that particular subculture.

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