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God the Abuser

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May. 4th, 2004 | 12:28 am

Interesting essay on infidels.org arguing that Jehovah is a violently abusive parent.

One of the interesting quotes, summarizing the author's interpretation of deuteronomy 32.27 is:

This is the most chilling part of all: He would be willing to kill them were he not afraid of what the neighbors might think. And notice what he's afraid they'll think: not that he was a bad father, not that he might be held accountable for his crime, but that others might consider him weak and ineffective. His only thought is for himself and the image he projects of being strong, powerful, and in control.

The thing I find most interesting is this reminds me of one class of justifications for why we need to stay in Iraq--that if we leave we will look "weak" and that the "terrorists will have won."

sounds rather sickeningly like our leaders have bought into the christian abusive relationship model.

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