Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


I went out to dinner with the group of friends on the atkins diet last friday night. I think my transformation into a peta-loving militant vegan is nearly complete.

At one point one person offered some of his pastrami to another diner. The sight of the slice of dead animal flesh marbled with large chunks of fat was revolting. When I saw it dangling from his fork my first reaction was to grimace and cover my gaze.

I'm not as freaked out by hot dogs or even hamburger, but something about seeing decayed animal flesh with large hunks of fat was disturbing.

I did resist the atkins fad in my own little way. While they were all ordering bread free slabs of meat (with the occasional side of vegetables) I ordered a bagel.

Though I should admit that I've not been a perfect vegan, after about three months of being vegan, I told J about wanting this vegetarian goat cheese pizza from a nearby wood fired pizza company. It only took a little bit of encouragement from her before I was at the restaurant munching down on several slices of high quality goat cheese pizza.

Feeling somewhat guilty afterward, I did penance by sending money to the UN Population Fund. (It does seem like I take to strict belief systems quite easily). (I'm less guilt ridden if the occasional piece of vegetarian food some one feels like sharing with me has trace amounts of milk or dairy).

I wonder if near-vegan is good enough (it certainly is more palatable to others than fully vegan.)


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