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Spent another weekend with my girlfriend. She seemed to have stopped worrying about our mild argument from last week.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of her friends--(an intellectual ex- who's an english professor somewhere). I also met another friend whose a female coder whose married to a political
science prof at ucla who did his undergrad at caltech, and who knows several of my other Caltech friends.

Sunday she left to go do work and I got to walk out of my apartment and hug her in front of one the woman who lives downstairs whose a doctor for children's hospital of los angeles. (Her only reaction to that was to smile at me.)

Even more shockingly I spent some time talking to her and one of the other residents as they started a garden in the back yard.

I also made more progress with my plans for RDF address book domination, I now have a simple code fragment which takes RDF statements and turns them into a set of python classes.


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