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Jehovah Witnesses

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Mar. 11th, 2004 | 12:00 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated

Some jehovah witnesses (JW) showed up at my doorstep today. If I have some free time I like debating with them, so as to practice my debate skills. I know that neither of us are likely to sway the others claims about god, but it's an entertaining intellectual exercise.

Also if I was more clever I could push vegetarianism or veganism on them.

One thing that makes debating them easier, is that due to the ethnicity of pasadena, I've only had african-american JWes show up at my place. This lends itself to pointing out how christianity was used for centuries to justify slavery, and how after some african-american's adopted chistianity they then focused on the more liberationist aspects of the religion.

If I was really sharp when she responded that the reason slavery needed to end was how they treated the slaves, I should've tried one of two different arguments. Either I should've then argued for veganism, since though the christian bible says that "we are given dominion over then animals", the rampant mistreatment of meat is equivalent is mistreatment and thus should end.

Or I should've just asked the leading question, "So if the reason slavery needed to end was the mistreatment of slaves, does that mean if there had been less cruelty slavery shouldn't have ended?"

One thing I did wrong is that at the end when they tried to offer their literature and I declined, they were able to write me off as someone unwilling to learn. I should have pointed out how earlier in the conversation when I started the rebuttal to the christian's anti-evolution stance they immediately cut me off.

Perhaps I could've parlayed that into getting them to listen.

The other thing is that since christians only respect the bible perhaps I should keep a copy of The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy on hand. Or at least write down the scriptures about Ex 34:26 thou shalt not seeth [boil] a kid in it's mothers milk. The introduction to exodus really implies that this is one of the ten commandments as it is being inscribed on one of the two tablets that god commanded moses to hew.

Other good ones to point out are the two stories of the creation of women, from the rib or simultaneous.

Or of course, the world famous Leviticus 11:9-12

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