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iterative development

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Mar. 6th, 2004 | 06:00 pm

I periodically suffer from these bouts of grand vision. Ranging from recreating society to complex personal IT infrastructures. Needless to say although the vision is interesting, I never manage to accomplish anything.

At my current job, one of my bosses also has this problem, and watching how frequently his projects fail I'm beginning to learn something important.

A grand vision is sometimes useful for planning which direction one might want to go, but small incremental improvements are far more useful--mostly because they have some hope of being done.

For instance I've been having this grand vision of using an RSS aggregator to unify all of the blogs, news, and maybe even email that I read with some advanced categorizing blog system that replicates certain entries to livejournal. Though a neat idea, it's far too much to do in one go.

So today, in the few scraps of time that I had, I ignored all of that and installed pyblosxom. The current plan is to get it working enough to replace records-mode.

I want to be able to replicate my data from my laptop to my server, and pyblosxom's exclusive use of simple text files should make that easy.

I tried using moin first but had trouble merging changes--especially since the edit log.

Today I managed to get pyblosxom working and made some small changes to the default flavors. Next I'd like to get the comment, category, and calendar plugins working. (And maybe search as well, though grep -r is good enough for the moment.)

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