Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Urban farming

While looking at rooftop gardening, I found several discussions of hydroponics. I was surprised to read in kathamandu rooftop organic production project that a simplified hydroponic system can be used in the developing world and that it "uses less than one tenth of the water" of conventional agriculture. Doing more research on this I also found drought busters, a story of using energy intensive hydroponics in drought conditions in Australia.

Silly me thinking that since hydroponics has the word "hydro" in it, that it must be water intensive.

Also in my late night research I found a two interesting vague references. One to using worm casings (aka fertilizer produced by worms) as nutrients for hydroponics. The other to using a sand filter and UV light to recycle the used water in a hydroponic system.

Seems like an interesting technique for gardening in arid conditions like Los Angeles.

I almost have enough motivation to move some furniture around so I could set up two small hydroponic flats. (One using commercial fertilizer and the other vermicompost derived.)

Also I this seems like it might be useful for growing things in a condo, which is useful because houses with dirt around them are incredibly expensive around here.

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