Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Never IM a feminist

some random hetero dude decided to IM me. I wonder if anyone might feel sorry for a random horny guy trying to IM a vegan anti-corporate lesbian feminist

<toni_b_1999> hi
<diane> hi
<toni_b_1999> hi how are u?
<toni_b_1999> i hope u don't mind i saw your profiel on girlfags
<diane> ah ok
<toni_b_1999> u a fag hag..njo offense by asking i am new to this
<diane> nope.
<diane> I just joined because a friend of mine started the group.
<toni_b_1999> k then why were u on their yahoo group?<
<diane> that's why it's on web only
<toni_b_1999> oh kewl
<diane> I'm actually a dyke
<toni_b_1999> well i am a borderline gay guy who is starting to think girls are much better than guys
<diane> I'd have to a agree
<toni_b_1999> girls seem loike they have it easier and are always in control....it seem slike its better to be a girl?
<diane> not really.
<diane> no one has it easier.
<toni_b_1999> oh? why?
<diane> lesbians tend to have trouble dating because they tend to wait around for the other person to make the first move.
<diane> with both people doing that, not much happens.
<toni_b_1999> girls don't seem to have the same ego issues as guys, guys always seem to have to prove something....also girls seem more sure of themselves and they do have an extensive wardobe
<diane> yeah girls do have different ego issues from men.
<diane> many more forms of insecurity
<toni_b_1999> they also seem kinda calm and peaceful...guys seem to have a testosterone issue?
<diane> yeah, testosterone does seem to increase someones sex drive. making them much more obsessed with it.
<toni_b_1999> and girls have a bigger wardobe than guys???
<diane> hmm...
<diane> women who date guys certain seem to
<diane> some lesbians do too
<diane> then there are those who dont
<toni_b_1999> SO......should i switch sides?
<diane> you could try being bi for a bit.
<diane> the biggest downside is that homosexual people tend to look down on bisexuals
<toni_b_1999> well i am really wanting to start to lean to being girly....although i am not into guys yet at all
<diane> ooc what's you're current gender and orientation?
<toni_b_1999> i am a guy...and hetero...but i think i want to be girly
<diane> you could look into the transvestite community.
<toni_b_1999> i guess...always thought i would learn best and felt better with other girls
<toni_b_1999> real girls i mean
<diane> so if you're hetero why do you think you need to learn from "real" girls?
<toni_b_1999> because i am a guy and real girls know best
<diane> "real" girls know how to be feminine?
<toni_b_1999> well i want to be like a girl so who better to ask?
<diane> you could start with the feminists who argue that femininity is a social construction designed to keep the class of being known as "women" in economic oppression to the class of people known as "men".
<toni_b_1999> what do u mean? talk to a feminist about turning me femme?
<diane> mostly it points out how femme is a social construction invented by people.
<diane> no one really has a lock on who knows it "best".
<diane> For instance I'm really androgynous.
<diane> and have little clue how to dress up.
<diane> most transvestites are far more femme than I'll ever be.
<toni_b_1999> well what do i do then since i am seeking femme knowledge. i do agree girls are superior
<diane> most of what makes women better partners in my perspective are the things that derive from a shared experience of the oppression of the patriarchy and capitalism.
<toni_b_1999> wow..i feel very small and submissive now?
<diane> One common experience is that women, being an underprivileged class tend to have a greater trust of each other than of men, who unconsciously wield cultural power.
<toni_b_1999> wow i am lighting a virginia slims 120 after hearing this
<diane> thats a good example of how feminist messages can be subverted to push a corporate product. Cigarettes target to women always refer to being "thin" or "slim" linking an addictive dangerous product to being able to maintain a difficult to achieve weight that is considered to be desirable to the patriarchal structure.
<toni_b_1999> i nver thought of it but i am starting to desire it?
<diane> which it are referring to?
<toni_b_1999> the slims
<diane> actually if you want to get a little more in touch with a feminine side, have you considered being vegetarian?
<diane> or vegan
<toni_b_1999> no?
<toni_b_1999> what do u mean?
<diane> that tends to be much more appealing to women, as they are better trained to respond to suffering of others.
<diane> in this case the suffering is either the brutal treatment of animals in factory farms
<diane> or the people in countries other than the G8 who can't afford grain during droughts because the worlds excess grain is being used to make meat.

Victory is mine!

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