Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

Mad Cow Disease, lies and cats

Mad cow not a downer, which is important because the USDA only plans on testing downers for mad cow and they keep claiming that since the cow was a downer their testing program will keep meat eaters safe. There is now quite a bit of evidence pointing out that the cow wasn't a downer and that they knew it. (See for instance, several articles on soyjoy.blogspot.com)

I wonder what motivated the USDA to lie? Could it be to protect the profit margins of the businesses that several of the high ranking officials came from?

Also "mad cat" disease, during Britain's mad cow scare, it "was determined that more than 100 cats had died -- from feline spongiform encephalopathy."

The pet food industry in the US is unregulated and uses all the things that are considered "unsafe" for human consumption such as "the meat of animals that are sick or injured as well as the brains, spinal cords and intestines from older cows". All the things that are considered most infectious.

My cat has adapted well to her vegan cat food, considering I was already only feeding her kibble, switching to a different kind of kibble wasn't too difficult and she hasn't expressed any serious signs of displeasure. For those feeding canned cat food, the vegans also have fake meat cat food.

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