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Feb. 21st, 2004 | 11:59 pm
mood: blissful

Everything is right in my life right now, I'm feeling blissful.

I went to the trans vagina monologues today and had a great time. One easy to share joke was in the piece on moans. They added "the transsexual moan" which was "Oh oh, I've waited a long time for that!".

One of the interesting things about how this performance came to be, two transwomen actresses were at sundance attending A soldiers girl ended up sitting next to Jane Fonda, who then introduced them to Eve Ensler. (Both of whom were present at the performance).

Jane Fonda was rather impressed with the idea of people willingly walking away from male privilege.

I spent last night with a really kind woman, who made me question several pieces of my identity. First off she commented on how I didn't seem to be shy--quiet and patient yes, but not shy. Also while most of my life I've felt like I was fat and she commented both on the lack of fat in several places on my body and how I had long muscular legs.

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