Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

A most interesting weekend...

I spent friday night through sunday evening at a role-playing game convention near LAX. I mostly ended up playing call of cthulhu-- a horror RPG based on H.P. Lovecraft's fiction. Most of the other people playing in those games were rather decent RPG players as well. Mostly focusing on solving the story instead of fiddling little power gaming bits.

The oddest part though was that after struggling to save telling stories of elder gods, elementals, and other bits of insanity, I stopped off in west hollywood sunday night to get some food. West hollywood is the main gay strip in Los Angeles (though it is mostly gay boys, lesbians are pretty rare, and no one has any idea where the bi-people live.)

There is something that just feels really strange when your wearing a gamer T-shirt walking through crowds of gay clone-boys. I really felt like drawing incomprehensible symbols on the ground while "talking in tongues".

As far as I can tell "talking in tongues" is spouting random syllables. There was some scientific name for it that I can't find with the christian version. However at some point I tried to do it, and well, I found that it's really easy for me to do. For example me trying to spell some of the random stuff that I just made up, "Bluh Fla Ch'ka, Dusan."

Hmm... what's that odd odor?

Maybe I should go investigate, whatever my cat just ran away from.


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