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Peak oil

I'm rather convinced of the upcoming problem of peak oil.

But the event will occur, and my analysis is leaning me more by the month, the worry that peaking is at hand; not years away. If it turns out I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But if I'm right, the unforeseen consequences are devastating. (Quoting Matthew Simmons)

The three basic results that I see are: another disruption like the great depression which energizes humanity to make the necessary infrastructure changes to switch to a sustainable energy source; a collapse of our current complex societies through war, famine, and disease; or the extinction of humanity through resource wars using nuclear and biological weapons. I do think that extinction the most unlikely scenario.

I am annoyed because I think the Mormons with their close knit society and encouragement to have one years food on hand have a competitive advantage over most everyone else. It really bugs me that it seems likely that the survivors will be telling their children about how the golden age was ended by homosexual marriage (or feminism, or atheism, or any of the other ideas I find near and dear).

(Today's first step to doing something useful about this was to buy a 3 gallon container to store water in, which is useful in all sorts of disaster scenarios, including boring ones like earthquakes.).

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