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Some interesting stories from soyjoy.blogsopt.com.

And it [the mad cow] was caught not by routine surveillance, he says, but by "a fluke": he killed it outdoors because he feared it would trample other cows lying prostrate in its trailer, and the plant's testing program called for sampling cows killed outside only.

"Every cow that's killed in America is split in half," Louthan [the slaughterhouse worker who claims to have killed the mad cow] said. He said they are split down the middle from tail to neck. This means that a band saw cuts right down the exact center of the spine, cutting the spinal cord in half the long way," (A USDA disagrees with him, but the best argument against this assertion is that different plants have different policies.

Louthan said he hopes the plan would put an end to gruesome scenes he's witnessed involving cows being dragged and dumped by tractors, suffering numerous abrasions and at times having their limbs torn off before they are killed. (It appears that current american capitalism thinks that torturing an animal to eek out a few more dollars of profit is a good thing.)

Even experts chosen by the USDA thinks there are issues with the meat supplyExpert Panel Sees More U.S. Mad Cow.

Though I think the vegetarian or vegan diet is the best solution to these problems. Another solution would be ending overcrowding in factory farms, testing every animal destined to be food for BSE (and bacterial contamination, and making sure that the pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals destined to be food are fed exclusively a vegetarian diet.

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