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Today I went to a sustainablilty conference at a cooperative housing group in pomona. I got to hear about the LA Eco Village, followed up by a talk that showed that powerpoint is evil.

Actually the talk was on permaculture and biodiesel, but the second speaker used powerpoint and I was shocked at how much worse her presentation was than the first who just stood there and spoke. It seems like powerpoint makes it far harder for a speaker to connect with their audience.

Other talks included a talk by one guy Josh Cannole and his Lawyer William Comparion (sp?) (who aparently was a former mayor of pasadena) on his experiences of being arrested by the FBI without evidence. Possibly as a tool to harass peace protesters and environmental activists. (Then I was interviewed by a reporter for the LA times)

The next talk I attended was on using the media as activist. i was reminded of an important detail that I keep forgetting. End your message on a positive note. If describing how the world is bad, describe solutions.

E.g. One problem facing our society is our how our water supply is being depleated. One thing that can be done about this is to eat less beef. (Aparently producinng one pound of beef takes 2,500 gallons of water. (A swimming pool seems to be somewhere around 20,000-40,000 gallons)

The last official talk I saw was by a guy from the tongva. One of the more disturbing things he mentioned was that in 65 years the spanish managed to mismanage the land resources and destroy most of the native ecosystem. They depleted the water table and brought in non-native plant species.)

After the vegan dinner I saw a brief selection of clips of the Miami FTAA protests including a clip of the pagan's spiral dance. In several of the clips the rifles shooting rubber bullets sounded like popcorn.

This event reminded me that I really do want to live in some form of intentional community, I think it'd a good match for me.

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