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I haven't said much over the past few days, so here's some highlights.

Last thursday–went with coworkers to a restaurant to partially celebrate the two grad students who were getting married. Note to self: getting mildly drunk around coworkers doesn't seem like a good idea.

Saturday, went to a wedding. grr... breeders. (Ok, not really, they're actually a nice couple who seem really compatible. I'm just getting in touch with my inner envy.)

Today. I came across a reference that the twike might be available in the US. Pity the listed prices is $18,000. It seems like the only affordable electric vehicles are electric bikes. (or maybe scooters.)

Last thought, I realized a major failing of the environmental movement is to define "how much" change is necessary to stabilize the climate and to protect all the various endangered species and habitats.

Saying that doom is imminent just leaves people overwhelmed and they then just ignore the problem since they feel like there's nothing that they can do about it. It would be far more constructive to point out various steps that can be taken to lower CO2 output.

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