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Some coworkers are getting married soon and I need to RSVP by tomorrow if I want to go.

In just trying to figure out how much I should tell them I've already managed to seriously depress myself.

Though I don't think I should tell them the truth. "Things that remind me of happy long term relationships make me want to crawl up in a small ball and die from sobbing uncontrollably."

It didn't help that the people I was with kept making comments like "you like so like [the activist]" or other such comments reminding me of my recent rejection.

I also feel like a bad person because there's one woman whose acting interested in me, and I'm not reciprocating. I worry that I'm mostly uninterested because she's fat. Though I suppose I'm also having trouble relating to her. (Though I had trouble relating to the activist too, but found her cute enough to keep trying).

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