Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

I don't know what to do...

According to this article on AlterNet in the 21st century we'll run out of clean drinking water. Corporate forces are already moving to control water supplies eager to exploit profits of scarcity with respect to water.

The worst nightmares of cyberpunk seem to be coming true. The poor will be outside dying from their contaminated air and water while the rich sit inside their secured compounds sipping bottled water.

Does anyone besides me think that the rampant police brutality at the various anti-globalization protests are turning more people off to peaceful protests and encouraging the development of more violent anarchist groups?

I have the suspicion that if protests continue, the police brutality continues, and the corporate exploitation of earths capability to support life continues we'll end up with a planetary guerrilla war against the organizations that are cheerfully threatening the lives of billions for extra bits of profit.

Though I guess war is good for corporations, they don't have to deal with convincing people to buy stuff when their possessions keep getting destroyed.

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