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Bashing Atkins

More fun bashing the atkins diet.

Did fat intake in the US really decline between 1989-1991 and 1994-1996?

Apparently Atkins claims that carbohydrates makes you fat is partially based on the claim that after america switched to "low-fat" foods and got fatter, obviously it must have been something other than the fat making people fatter.

Perhaps it was the calories?

The labeling requirement to be a low fat food was apparently based on what the total percent of calories were due to fat. Changing the percentage could either be done be decreasing the total quantity of fat or increasing the quantity of other components. Apparently it was easier to do the latter.

I also realized why American's like the Atkins diet. It has a scientific sounding "trick" to help you lose weight so it sounds like you're getting something for nothing.

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