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Banana blight

Banans could split for good. Bananas are a dying breed

I heard about this some time ago but hadn't actually looked up

One positive discovery was listed in Yes- in 10 years we may have no bananas. "One ray of hope comes from Honduran scientists, who peeled and sieved 400 tonnes of bananas to find 15 seeds for breeding."

Whee, a mutation to reverse the previous mutations.

Since bananas are all clones of each other they are especially susceptible to new pests. However the lack of genetic diversity in our food supply is worry some as new pathogens can seriously damage crop yields. In this case banana production is down 50-70%

And in an effort to be somewhat more positive. One solution is the push toward Heirloom gardening. Growing a diverse set of plants limits the ability of a new pathogen to spread, both from the increased distance to a compatible host and from the increased genetic diversity providing more opportunities for the the plant to evolve a resistance.

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