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I pursue knowledge hoping that I am wrong, that the world is not dying. But everything I learn says it is. The oceans are emptying, the forests are disappearing, the climate is collapsing, all I see around me is death and dying.

The most painful part is I know that in theory if our species was gifted with forethought we could stop this. But only a handful can allow themselves to understand the horror. For the rest, the pain of understanding is to overwhelming and they flee into a world of distraction, trying to desperately to deny the impending die off.

Others turn to deaf gods crying out, begging for someone, something to come rescue us. But the empty universe is incapable of responding.

Many scientists consider that we have entered into Earth's sixth great extinction. Consider that for a moment–our civilization is as bad for the ecosystem as a 10 kilometer asteroid smashing into our planet.

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