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Many of my friends are on a diet which led me to think about my own weight loss.

I'm not really sure if I'm on a diet, I'm not counting calories, or carbs, or fat, or anything else. Yet I've still lost 60 pounds over 2 years. (a little over 27 kg)

Things that seemed to have helped me, I've been tracking my weight using the palm os tools for the hackers diet. One of the nice things about those tools is it uses a weighted average to show your current weight. I've found this psychologically helpful as my weight does fluctuate, but as long as it's below the trend line I can still feel happy.

The other side effect is that it has allowed me to notice what kinds of things cause my weight to spike up. Early on I learned that sodas cause my weight to spike, I've recently noticed that cheese does the same thing.

And probably most importantly I've been eating increasingly vegan. What I've learned suggests that it's actually challenging to consume too many calories when eating vegan food prepared from un- to low-processed ingredients.

The one downside for those who want quick results is that at least for me this technique has been really gradual. I've been losing about 1 kg a month (2.2 pounds). It's just been really steady.

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