Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout

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Trash free

Does anyone besides me ever have the temptation to play a "how little trash can I generate" game?

I currently carry a spork and chopsticks so I don't have to use disposable ones. Also for the larger bulk items I buy at the grocery store I don't bother putting them in a plastic bag. (Apples, potatoes, leeks, etc).

I've thought about carrying a cloth napkin, reusing plastic bags for the smaller bulk goods that I buy, and learning how to make the few "processed" foods I eat. (In my case "processed" means things like tofu, soy milk, apple sauce, and nut butter.)

If I was composting I bet I could go months without needing to take the trash out.

Oh wait I forgot–junk mail. I bet that's a significant portion of my trash.

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