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small step

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Dec. 14th, 2003 | 12:40 am

I've been being rather passive aggressive recently. A group of friends switched to the atkins diet which has frustrated me greatly, however I've been being lame and complaining about it here in my journal. The part I felt bad about is I know that some of them occasionally look at my journal, and so instead of standing up for my beliefs in person, I've been complaining about it here. I finally managed to stand up for myself and at least tell them that their diet pains me.

Even though I'm pretty committed to being vegetarian, I can accept that people will want to eat meat. I can even envision systems that would allow for occasionally eating meat in an environmentally sustainable manner.

However I don't see any way for humanity to even reach the "traditional" american diet without a lot of people dying–and the atkins diet is even worse.

In a time where all the indicators of environmental health are continuing to collapse making choices that accelerate our self-destruction just makes me want to cry. I can try to argue why these choices are bad for us in the long run and yet I am unable to convince anyone to change.

I'm just a spectator as our world collapses. I can only hope that I am more negative than need be. (Of course a number of scientists on the issues of global climate change and oil depletion have discovered that it was actually worse than expected.)

But at least tonight instead of just letting the despair completely crush my spirit, I did at least say something.

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from: musicwomyn
date: Dec. 14th, 2003 01:49 am (UTC)

I think it's good you were able to recognize the passive aggressive behavior AND were able to stand up for your beliefs.

I found the article you posted on the environmental concerns with the Atkins diet very helpful and I forwarded it off to my parents who swear by the diet (though, I think all LA people are pseudo-Atkins dieters, simply doing it to be trendy and not actually adhering to the diet through cheating, but that's just my impression). I've been arguing with my parents for a while now on the health hazards of the Atkins diet and now having this extra bit of information on other issues of concern will hopefully (though, doubtfully) shed a little light on the damage that their diet habits are causing.

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