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Aug. 14th, 2001 | 02:15 pm

Yesterday I picked my car up from the mechanics after handing over

Later that night I took my car on a 16 mile drive around a small mountain. I did the whole trip at at least 70 miles an hour. I could continue accelerating up the 2, and on flat ground to a slight incline up I could reach at least 90 mph.

After N months, my car works.

Once again I get to return to my previous exploitative middle class social standing. In my experiment of trying to live without a car. I've decided that LA is structured to make that virtually impossible. All the mass transit seems orientated toward getting poor people to work not to socialize. So it starts early in the morning and usually stops by about 10pm.

So if you're poor or have one of the many health conditions that prevent driving you become virtually enslaved to others to maintain any ability to travel.

And as everyone is caught in the siren call of the "power" of the auto, few of the people with access to money or power are interested in doing anything about it.

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