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Another beautiful evening

I spent another evening with the activist, and I really enjoy being around her. Also I just learned tonight, that not only is she vegan, socially and politically active, and aware of the issues with cars, she's also an atheist.

That internal overly long list I have of characteristics I that I find attractive, she matches almost all of them.

Early in the evening she gave me a small present, and thanks to secretslip and one of her friends (whose LJ name I don't remember) I had the perfect gift for her. (OOC where did that fair trade chocolate come from?)

At the end I told her that I wanted to be her friend but was also attracted to her and I didn't know how I should handle that. She responded with she's still recovering from her last girlfriend.

I want to continue to be her friend, and with that answer I'm really tempted to continue believing there's a chance for a relationship with her–at some unknown point in the future.

Also even as friends we are really warm and supportive of each other. (I suspect to someone on the outside our treatment of each other would be well nigh insufferably cute).

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