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Application Plan

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Dec. 4th, 2003 | 11:23 pm
mood: determineddetermined

My plan for applying to MIT, I'll fill in the online form this weekend. I will also make a lot of progress on the project I'm supposed to be working on so my PIs will be happy with me when I try and hit them up for recommendation letters on our monday meeting.

I get 3 recommendation boxes. One should be my boss the biology professor, the question is do I go for the other PI, the physicist/theoretical computer scientists who I don't get along as well with, though his specialties are closer to the work that I want to do.

And then who should the other choices be? One of my professors from my undergrad all those years ago? Or one of my humanities professor friends? Or how about the nearly graduated grad student whose recently been the core of our lab? Or perhaps I should take secretslip up on her offer.

Also do I apply elsewhere? It's not like my life would be bad going for the stable life as staff. Also I think I could very easily drift into being a grad student at caltech

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