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OS X and java

Oh yes, I also gave up on running java under ppc linux. I tried everything I could think of, looking for replacement libraries for swing, building a version of gcj I checked out from cvs, looking into using qemu to run the x86 java runtime.

So I decided to see if there was a solution to my OS X issue. The problem I was triggering was the screen saver which I was using to lock my terminal would hang when coming out of a sleep. And unfortunately since the screen saver blocks all access to the desktop the computer's unusable till you reboot.

After a little web searching I discovered a discussion of a security hole in the screen locking capability of the OS X screen saver. This referred me to an alternative solution to lock your desktop using panther's fast user switching. I tried that and resumed from sleep while plugging in my keyboard and it worked.

Yay! a workaround. (even better it's a workaround that's better than what it's replacing.)

So sadly I'm running closed source software again, but on the plus side I can get my work done.

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