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A friend came over tonight and spent some time being supportive and challenging me some. One comment she made really stood out, for her when she was feeling lonely and thought that she wanted a lover, what actually helped her was building better friendships.

I do have trouble maintaining friendships and it's hard for me to feel emotionally connected with the few friends I do keep.

Since trying to make a significant other meet all of your emotional needs seems doomed to failure, so perhaps I should work at being a better friend.

I should also like and respect myself and do things that I enjoy.

So for things that I enjoy, anyone know where I can get an IBM Thinkpad T41 this weekend? I'm annoyed with OS X and want to have an x86 laptop. (Or any suggestions for laptops with good sized screens that are reasonably well supported under linux?)

As for the cute girl, perhaps it's okay to say that I'm still not emotionally ready for a romantic relationship, though I should make efforts at being friends. That's not giving up from poor self-esteem or trying to use her to solve my own insecurities.

And I should stop feeling like a freak for one of my sources of pleasure being showing off my leet geek skills to my fellow hyper-geeks. (Though it really does help to have fellow geeks who show appreciation for your accomplishments.)

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