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I was getting worried as the cute activist hadn't responded to my explanations of my initial impressions of her. After a day passed with no email I started to worry that she'd hate me forever and ever.

But she replied today and was forgiving.

Then I saw her tonight and we only had a little bit of time to talk.

There's this pattern we seemed to have developed. Whenever were sitting next to each other and trying to talk, it seems like one of us is really likely to look deeply into the others eyes and say "you're so wonderful." It's a level of sweetness not only have I not experienced before I don't think I've even seen it before.

It feels rather weird to me, and part of me doubts that things really could be that sweet. (Though I do wish that we would communicate about other things as well with each other so as to get to know each other better).

At the end of the evening when we walked back to our cars, after we'd finished chatting and hugged goodbye, she looked back at me waiting on the corner watching her leave and smiled and waved a couple of times.

I wonder if this suggests she might like me in some manner. (Obviously I should continue spending time around her and not let myself jump to any conclusions.).

I also wanted to share another odd observation. I've noticed that she's also happy, acts self-confident and seems to be well adjusted. So I had to ask and she's one of those people who had functional parents.

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