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Me dumb

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Nov. 16th, 2003 | 11:02 pm
mood: foolish

I just received an email from the activist I've been talking about, and rather obviously she read my livejournal.

I let secretslip discover what I thought about her and suffered some wrath because of it. And yet I just did it again. Is allowing people access to your largely unfiltered thoughts about them a good idea?

It appears that I've been operating under the assumption that it is. I know that I believe that the fewer distortions in ones understanding of the world the better, since more accurate knowledge leads to better decisions. For managing resources or choosing projects or other such things that's certainly true.

On the other hand we are social creatures with feelings so perhaps it's not such a good idea as if someone is too offended communication will end. On the foot, if someone learns about your unfiltered thoughts of them they can point out failings with your assumptions and teach you that you're wrong.

I also want to mention that in getting to know this woman I have seen that she's much better at finding relationships in information than I would have first guessed. I'm currently thinking that I was blinded by my bias that emotion and reason are always inversely proportional.

See what I get for having many of my friends be mostly from Caltech. It's not a place where people have much experience dealing with their feelings.

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