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Cute Queer Girl

I managed to talk some with the cute girl from lesbian chat.

She was happy to learn that I'm vegetarian and knew of things like la.indymedia.org. (Though I was slightly evil in mentioning that, as when I did my web search on her I found that she was referred to in a couple of articles there. )

However I learned that she's attracted to butch women.

Though she then qualified it as saying long hair was ok, that her definition of "butch" was more something about being "separated", with "a wall", and "less emotionally fluid".

I mentioned a fund raiser she was advertising earlier in the evening, and by the end she invited me and even offered to carpool.

Though interacting with her for a bit does lead me to wonder if she as any critical thinking neurons. She seems to rapidly experience feelings with little time for analysis. I wonder how much dating someone like that might annoy me.

Though one of the things that helped me get over my last girlfriend was an incompatibility in politics, here there may be an incompatibility in intellectual stimulation. I wonder which might be more important to me. (Or do I just want it all).

Also I wonder what life would be like if I only experienced it once, instead of over and over again?

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