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I went to the wedding of one of my cousins and ended up spending time with my mother.

At some point in the conversation I mentioned the evils of cars. It's surprising to me how many suggestions people came up with on how I could continue to be a car owner. But I finally responded with "Why should I support an economic and cultural system I don't like?"

My mother responded, "You're sounding like a communist", the disapproval woven through each syllable.

"No," I replied, "I'm more like a socialist."

"I don't like them either", she retorted.

I'm better paid than she, I have fewer expenses, I should be debt free by the end of the year. In pretty much every way I am being better rewarded by the capitalist system than she.

And yet, she is still thinks capitalism is a good thing, while I've steeped myself in critiques of the status quo, and am trying to implement alternatives.
It seems like the people have become willing participants in their enslavement.

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