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They got me

After seeing joedecker's post about take back your time day I went and picked up their handbook (with the same name).

I realized that society trapped me.

Once upon a time my goal was to live as simply as I could manage save money and retire as quickly as possible since time spent working was a trap keeping me from enjoying life.

Then I started getting competitive I wanted to make a different, wanted to help solve the worlds ills and got caught up on the over-achievers treadmill. Not to mention fear I know many people who are under or unpaid (though probably overworked). Most recently it showed up in the thought that if I don't finish that gui layout for that doomed project I know I'll be the first on the block when the grants stop coming.

Once upon a time I wanted to go to grad school because I had this vision. If desktop fabrication was possible then the useful bits of a high-tech society could be produced anywhere, and therefore I wouldn't need to be working all the time to have access to new things.

The I started to want to extend myself past my human limitations, to be better so as to be more competitive to finish my assimilation into the market.

I've been more stressed, less able to pay attention to my cat, not able to meaningfully participate in any social causes, and it's largely because it's so easy to become obsessed with work.

Needless to say the handbook sparked some thoughts and for those with no time the book is arranged into 30 quick to read essays.

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