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weeks adventures

A few mildly interesting things happened to me this week.

The dryer at my apartment broke and I desperately needed to do laundry. I did it a couple of times just letting the laundry air dry but that doesn't work well for things like towels and jeans. However since I work at a school with on campus housing there are laundry machines. Monday I snuck into the undergraduate houses and slipped my laundry in. One of the nicest things was I was able to use the debit account tied to my ID to pay for the laundry, negating the need for quarters.

Today I set up nicer speakers at work so I can occasionally listen to music through something other than headphones. Wearing head phones for too long makes my ear drums hurt.

Lastly I bought some alcohol today and drank some of it, and I'm feeling far more relaxed and mellow than usual. I might even go to bed before midnight.

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