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Children, the future, and lunch

I was talking with someone about people accidentally having children. I viewed that as a bad thing. To me at best having a child is a significant responsibility that should only fall to those who are mentally and physically prepared for it. Accidentally ending up with a kid can place massive limitations on the parents. For instance teenage girls who end up stuck with kids tend to be stuck in poverty.

Also I was realizing that I also have a rather bleak view of the future. I expect there to be massive environmental collapse before we are sufficiently motivated to put mirrors in space, limit our population growth, build smaller cities, and all the other challenging things we need to do to stabilize our environment.

In my mind each additional child is another mouth that will be struggling for a rapidly dwindling set of resources.

It's hard for me to tell if I'm being more pessimistic than necessary or if I'm just more aware of our future.

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