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I discovered an interesting feature of long skirts today. I was working on a @$&* computer and put screws in my lap. Unlike when I'm wearing pants I didn't loose the screws underneath my legs.

I took some stuff I didn't need back to fry's. Though I discovered that the ram was bad which means I'm still not sure if that motherboard is ok or not.

Then I went and got some new CDs. Ahh Delerium, beautiful music.

Unfortunately due to the above computer problems ripping the music is turning out to be harder than expected.

Also I was supposed to work some on my project at work as it's been really slow going. Though that's not unexpected as I'm more of a server back-end kind of developer and the stuck me working on a GUI for a project that has no clear definition. The PI doesn't think there's any point in doing a requirements analysis. (Someone please shoot me.)

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