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geek travails and party

If I was less of a skeptic I might think that I'm not supposed to buy the cinema display. I tried driving over to fry's to see if they had the DVI to ADC widget and to get a part to try and test a motherboard I bought off of eBay. Unfortunately while sitting waiting for a light at a large intersection I noticed the thermostat on my car was rapidly heading for meltdown.

I managed to find a place to put it and then had to go wandering looking for some additional coolant. I parked next to a costco but being a members only store couldn't buy anything there. I walked a bit further and found an auto parts store. I also found foam mart and a store that sold ancient arms and armor. I never would've noticed the armory if I hadn't walked past it.

After leaving fry's I noticed I had a voicemail from a friend inviting me to a party. I went and mostly spent it around people I haven't seen in a while. An interesting detail was that I think I was far more touchy feely than usual. I wonder if I'm slowly managing to get past my repression.

Also musicwomyn wanted to see what secretslip looked like. Being the computer addict that I am, I just happened to have my laptop with some web cam footage of her. The couple of queer women watching the video thought that she certainly didn't look straight. (When gay-dar goes wrong)

Just before leaving they had a dance dance revolution system setup and I finally got to try it. It's rather fun, and led me to track down pydance and ddrmaniaX which lead to other DDR sites.

Then I went home and rebuilt my desktop using the noisy by stable athlon.

Needless to say this has been quite the busy day.

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