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Consumerism failed me

I tried to by the 23" cinema display, but the caltech bookstore didn't have them in stock. Next I went to the Pasadena Apple store, but they didn't have the little widget that would let me connect my TiBook to the display. However an incredibly helpful apple sales rep called other apple stores and even braved calling fry's to try and track down a DVI to ADC connector. I'm quite impressed with the level of service the Apple cult provides. Tomorrow I'm thinking of doing to the Santa Monica Apple store for the widget and the beautiful display.

While walking back from the store I saw these two women with short hair, dressed rather plainly carrying canvas-style bags, and I started wondering if they were dykes. Shortly thereafter I saw them holding hands. However I didn't say hi or anything useful other than being happy to see other queer women wandering around the streets of Pasadena.

Finally I managed to get the Zwiki Issue Tracker working on my zope+plone+zwiki installation. You'd think they'd make it easier to discover that you need to remove the no_dtml.dtml file from Products/ZWiki/skins/zwiki_plone if you want to use the tracker from within plone.

But now I get to see how useful it is at keeping track of things that need to be fixed, though I'm also wondering if it could be used to keep track of chronological notes as well.

Another side is that the main useful feature of wiki's is that they're easy to edit and add content. However zope+plone is already pretty easy to add content to, so the wiki might not be as useful.

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