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What's a "good" relationship

So I was sitting here pondering the attempts at "romantic relationships" that I've had in my life. There's three basic types.

First, is the I tried dating a few times for some reason, but now i've learned that I don't like the person.

Next, is the I think they're a nice person, and don't mind spending time with them. But on the whole it's all pretty dispassionate.

The final type was extremely intense emotionally, I bare my soul in a matter of weeks to a month or two. And soon after it starts the emotional intensity causes the other person to leave.

Rationally the second type of relationship is 'healthier' It's more likely to create a stable and trustworthy relationship with good communication. It's just that when compared to the passionate version it's really, really boring.

So what do others think?

Is "love" just concern for people you want to stay in your life, or is it an all consuming passion that makes you desperately try to keep the other in ones world.

Or perhaps I'm missing something, and it's really somewhere in between or perhaps elsewhere.

I guess one component of the passionate side that's missing from the stable side is the feeling of having ones inner essence perceived and cared about.

Though if that's it, I might as well just dust off the writer side of myself and pour myself into fiction and poetry.

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