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Oct. 11th, 2003 | 01:49 am
mood: distracted

No wonder I can never get anything done.

I was trying to to make my mail replicate between my server and laptop through SSL. Then I decided I wanted to take notes about what I was doing. This led me to learn more about plone an add-in for zope, which seems like it has several neat tools for managing content.

Except I'd want that to replicate between my laptop and server, but I found ZSynder. However it needs the two installations to have the same software.

Unfortunately Fink and debian though both using dpkg use different methods to build packages. Porting debian packages would be easiest if all the core debian developer tools were available, like debhelper, devscripts, fakeroot, etc.

So I'm trying to port the developer scripts to darwin/fink.

Maybe when I'm done I'll be able to remember why I started this. (Also I wonder if anyone else would be interested in these packages.)

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