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Marriage protection week

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Oct. 8th, 2003 | 03:29 pm
mood: shockedshocked

After hearing about Marriage Protection Week my first thought was that we should pass out condoms to married people--I mean that's what it sounds like it's about.

Though after reading Republicans Relaunch the Antigay Culture Wars posted by artemii I'm reminded of my observation that the worst thing to happen to gay rights was the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Republican/Christian complex uses fear to stay in power and without the godless communists to hate they needed to find someone else to abuse.

Also last night in the Caltech queer chat group someone mentioned that in a study of the effect of religious beliefs on marriage stability they discovered an inverse relationship. The christian fundies had the highest divorce rates while the atheists had the lowest. (The best way to lower the divorce rate is to not force people to get married).

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