Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


Sometime yesterday I started feeling like there was no point in putting any effort into trying to make myself presentable, it's not like anyone is going to want to date me anyway.

I was still sulking today at lunch.

I stopped sulking after my boss told me an entertaining story about the neurological basis for romantic feelings. Apparently they did functional MRIs of people who were deeply in love with someone and showed them pictures of their love along with others of the appropriate orientation they had been friends with for a long time.

Two places lit up and one place decreased in intensity.

For me the place that decreased in intensity was interesting, for their sample, the drop was in a part of the brain associated with feelings of fear.

Thinking about my own life, I bet that doesn't happen to me. I see someone I find attractive and end up being paralyzed by fear. With some concentration I can dissociate from my fear and express interest in someone but it usually comes out quite dispassionate.

Now if I could only modify my brain.

(Makes bioinformatics a more appealing career path)

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