Diane Trout (alienghic) wrote,
Diane Trout


I watched the first california debate thanks to a friends TiVo. The green candidate Peter Camejo is, shall we say, passionate. He's an idealist and it shows. Huffington was probably the best debater. One of the republican candidates was frighteningly white. His discussion of returning to a "golden age" of california" reminded me of the claims of how the whites are trying to prevent the latinos from "taking over".

However as I was watching this I thought of how many people don't vote. It occured to me that part of the problem is the reward isn't worth the time spent. However perhaps if we had a "proxy" voting system might help increase participation. The idea being that a person could say that, really, I want to vote like my friend who I trust.

Hmm... though perhaps actual implementation would be tough either falling victim to abuses by forcing people to give up their votes to political machines, or requiring a loss of anonymity.

I still wish I knew what the best answer is for about recalling Davis.

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