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Sep. 20th, 2003 | 12:29 am
mood: rational

I've been pondering feelings. I've spent a long time disliking myself and feeling like I can't have the kinds of relationships I might want. I've talked about it to many people and have discovered that if talking about ones feelings don't help in the first few weeks it's not likely to help.

For instance my current observation based on both my life and a few others is that whining about "why doesn't anyone like me" just helps to keep people away. Which led me to think that it's in my best interest to shut up about feeling lonely.

I know people have recommended expressing ones feelings, but I think after a point all you end up doing is reinforcing the feeling and can't really make progress on changing your feeling.

So, I think I should try and wean myself off of whining. To make it seem more manageable, I think I'll just try to avoid whining about feeling lonely for 24 hours.

No complaining about relationships until sunday.

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