March 18th, 2007


Planet Python

Hi to my friends Titus and everyone from SoCal Piggies. I'm surprised my (filtered) feed was finally added to planet python (on march 12th).

Drat, now I have another audience to consider when writing blog entries.

I've been using python since about version 1.5, I currently code some bioinformatics software using a mix of C++ and Python. I was a long time debian/free software geek until pushed over os x by trying to get alsa to send music out a TOSlink port. Though like many other linux switchers, I keep trying to drag a bunch of open source software onto OS X, eventually I hope to reduce my use of OS X down to a nice set of device drivers.

This year was my first PyCon, which felt worth while even after facing the annoyance of the TSA. (Though I also attended last years SciPy.)


My girlfriend had been pestering me for a month or so to go take a look at a nice looking condo complex near our current apartment. Today we finally went, the units were fairly luxurious, and thanks to being right next to the freeway were a little bit cheaper (for new construction) in Pasadena.

I still have no idea what I/we could reasonably afford, commitment is still scary, I don't know about a grad school offer, and $450,000-$550,000 seems like an obscene amount of money.

Though thanks to her prodding I did go ahead and email the real estate agent for some leads on some brokers.

Why are granite counter-tops and tubs with water jets so appealing? And why doesn't new construction have ethernet jacks in each room. I mean the 3 coax ports was kinda neat, but c'mon, where's my fiber or cat6?