January 31st, 2007


Rebuilding network

I have this problem. I'm really annoyed by noise, especially when I'm trying to sleep. However the cable for the MythTV and internet access comes into my bedroom, and so (I thought) my main server needed to be in my bedroom.

Recently I realized--MythTV is fully client/server, the system serving up the media files does not need to be the system with the encoder card in it. Thus I realized I could swap some system boards around, dump the file server in the living room, and set up an old VIA board with the TV encoder in it as a disk-less client in my room. (disk-less VIA mini-itx board == computer with no moving parts.) Resulting in a system with the same capabilities, but no noise when I'm trying to sleep.

Over the weekend I did the main system board swapping, and over the past couple of nights I had the joy of copying about 100 gigabytes of data around a couple of different hard disks. (Note: rsync tunneled via ssh onto a slow CPU is not fun, even with the extra cost of setting up NFS, not having to encrypt everything was much faster).

Today I got windows and World of Warcraft back up on my gaming box. For extra fun I set up samba on the file server as a domain controller, and for the cost of having to log into my windows box, I get my home directory from my linux server mounted on my gaming box.

Next up is re-installing linux, and deciding if I want to try Xen on an early Via C3 chip (Think something between a 486 and pentium).

I also wasted like 2 hours looking for a good system background (I eventually found this one. Though on the way I found that Cory Doctorow has a Flickr page.

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Dang... Ok so Gibson got some of the details off...

A hard core hardware maker wanders a 6 story electronic "flea" market. So it doesn't have the cyber-chop shops--
though the shops that riped apart older equipment to resell its parts are close. The feel of re-purposed items stacked next to components so bleeding edge you can't even find their data sheets, that certainly screams cyberpunk.

Akihabara, Eat Your Heart Out

Oh my god! Sony CCD and CMOS camera elements, I couldn’t buy those in the US if I pulled teeth out of the sales reps–and behind the counter, the guy sometimes has a datasheet–ask for it. A stack of Micrel regulator chips–over there, a Blackfin DSP chip for sale. The smell, the bustle, the hustle. It’s the ultimate electronic component flea market. Over here, a lady counting 256 Mbit DRAM chips…trays of 108 components, stacked twenty high, a row of perhaps 10 of them–she has the equivalent of Digikey’s entire stock of DRAM chips sitting right in front of me.