October 29th, 2006


Random Crashes

Over the past month or two my mac book pro has been suffering from random crashes. Most frequently when running second life, followed by WoW, followed by no pattern I could discern. It'd gotten bad enough that leaving SL running for a few tens of minutes would cause the system to reboot.

However when I pulled out the second 1GB non-apple stick of memory it seemed to run more reliably (though slower).

So today I went to frys and bought two 1 GB sticks of DDR2 memory. I was even a bit obnoxious at the register, when I looked at the two SO-DIMMs I noticed that the formatting for the serial number for the sticks were different, and I asked them to get me two that were more similar. (E.g. one was something like XXXX XXXXX and the other was XXXX-0-XXXXX, and in a different font).

Shockingly they complied and they sold me two sticks where the model number and one set of the two mysterious small fonted numbers matched.)

I hope that my guess that having DDR2 ram from two different vendors was the source of my systems instability.

At least while I was worried that the logic board was going, I backed my home directory up.