September 10th, 2006


Rice Oatmeal take 2

Recipe modification note taking.

The first round of rice+oats was pretty tasty but there was too much of it.

This round I used 1 rice cooker cup of oats, 1 rice cooker cup of brown rice, 2.5 rice cooker cups of water and 2 T of oat bran. I also tossed in a small handful of rather dried raisins. When its done tomorrow I want to toss in some walnuts. It looks like throwing those in and then let it sit a bit on keep warm mode will probably work.

The major change from the official recipe was I converted everything from US cups to rice cooker cups, (with an extra 1/4 of a rice cooker cup of water mostly to make up for the use of the brown rice and raisins.)

The rice cookbook recipe for barley sounds kind of interesting. I don't think I've ever had barley, but have read about it being a common grain in Homer's works and the judeo-christian bible.